Sep 29, 2007

My mom, my angel...

I miss her so much. It has been 2 years now since I saw her breathed her last. It will forever be one of the most painful experiences of my life... seeing her die.

Home has never been the same without her. She had a way of making her presence known. Nobody can cook like her ever. My mom was a superb cook. I miss hearing her ask what ulam I want. I miss her hamonado, chicken tocino, chopsuey, spaghetti... I miss watching her cook, helping her prepare the ingredients. Even the smell of her cooking...

I miss going home and finding her waiting. I miss telling her everything happening to me. She would be the first one to encourage me to pursue something I wanted to do... besides wanting to see me happy, I guess it was her way of saying sorry for pushing me into this profession. I miss making sumbong about work. I miss hearing her cheer me on. I can just see her face if I told her I want to quit work. She knew everything about me.

I miss hugging her and laughing with her. I miss her childlike glee upon seeing a gift or a pasalubong for her. I miss gossiping with her about people we both know. Or hearing whose birthday it is today. She had this uncanny knack of remembering special occasions.

Today is her 2nd death anniversary, later at exactly 9:30 in the morning. I miss my mom so much. Life will never ever be the same without her to share everything with.

I love you 'my!

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dom lawrence, OSB said...

nakaka miss nga ang mawalay physically sa ating nanay!... we have this feeling of assurance na they are taken cared of very well by our merciful God...
napaiyak tuloy ako sa mga sinabi mo.... na miss ko bigla ang inay kong 92 yrs old!

>>she said...

sinabi mo pa, kuya... iba talaga kapag andyan ang nanay sa bahay. Alam mo, we have this feeling nga na ang bahay will never be as organized and as clean as when mommy was still around hehehe...

Kaka-miss ano, kuya?

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