Oct 19, 2011

What else do I have to do?!?

I regularly update this blog. I am keeping with the sporadic thoughts theme that I came up with. I join memes when I can. I cleaned up the blog a bit: archives, categories/labels, template.

That's why I am up against a blank wall as to how the rank's not doing any better!!!

Why the F not?!?

Maybe I should buy a domain already? But this blog is kinda special to me. Sentimental reasons, you know. I started seriously blogging via this blog of mine.

I will try joining memes for 4 straight weeks. I will update daily for a month. I will make sure I have at least a comment per post I make, even with the paid ones.

Let's see if that will bring the Alexa rank back up and the elusive PR green once again.


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