Feb 20, 2011

Me, my friends and Starbucks

I miss my friend Shen. Whenever I see Starbucks, our fave coffee shop where we spent countless conversations over designer coffee, I remember her.

She is in Chicago now. It might take her a while before she can come back for a visit. She's like a sister to me and our two other friends Tim and Jing. We are actually sisters, kindred souls.

I just miss my friend. I know she's doing well in her new home and I am very happy for her! Soon, she'll come home for a visit and there will be lots and lots of things to talk about for sure.



Mika said...

Kanina lang habang binabasa ko yung previous posts mo e napapa-smile ako..now naman pinapaiyak mo ako huhu

Yup, I feel exactly the same sis! Pagnakakakita ako ng Starbucks dito--ikaw ang naaalala ko, kayo nila Tim at Jing.

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