May 16, 2010

Losing a mom

Before anything else, I apologize for using the same image I used in a fairly recent post. I am writing about the lost of a mother and I do love this image so please bear with me on this. Thank you.

It is so hard to lose a mother. I was already in my late 20's when I lost my mom but I was still devastated by it. I think there's no age when you will be ready to lose your mom. She's the constant in our lives. I am close to my dad, too, but the bond I shared with my mom was stronger. I can only imagine how bad losing your mom when you are in your teens when you encounter almost every personal issue in the world.

My goddaughter lost her mom at the age of 3 (going on 4 by October). When the child was told that her mom was no longer with them, she responded by saying that a man on a horse will come and kiss her mom so she could wake up. She thought it was just a fairy tale and that her mom will come back any time soon. I was crushed when I heard it. Our youngest was 12 when we lost our mom and it still devastated him. At least, my brother still has his memories of our mom. I can only imagine what it would feel like when my goddaughter grows and she couldn't remember her mom anymore. It is tragic and I can only say a little prayer for the child that she grows up to be someone her mom dreamt her to be.

It is hard to lose a love one. Especially if it's your mom...


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