May 20, 2010

14 years and counting :)

How long have you known your very best friend?

This question got me thinking. Do I have a very best friend? I have really good friends: Tim, Jing and Shen. These are the people I am still connected with after all these years. They are my high school friends. Of the three, I was closest to Shen back then. My mom and I even used to hang out at her place. I am still close to Shen but I think I am closest to Tim the past few years. With Shen disappearing for months on end at times, Tim and I bonded more.

When I actually take stock of the friends I have, the one I can really call my very best friend is May. She is my college classmate. We were not really close back in college. It so happened that I jokingly called her bespren for a couple of years simply because I used to demand favors from her during enrollment/registration days. And then we get to work together in Ortigas Center. She in HSBC while I worked for a talent management, then a creative agency. We really got close during that time.

It was during those years when I was working in Ortigas Center that tough challenges came my way. It was during all those years that the only friend who stood by me through it all was May. During the happy and the sad, she was there. Especially during the really tough times. I couldn't remember ever hearing a No from her during the tough times. I couldn't remember a day that I was not able to turn to her even for a day of fun to alleviate my situation that time. She was there for me and my family. AND she never ever asked anything in return!

I guess I now have a very best friend, huh! And I've known her since 2nd year college. That makes it 14 years now!


Gellianne said...

I also think about that. Do I have a best friend?
When I was in elementary, I used to say that my best friend is my Webster's dictionary. I was addicted to English before and yes, I read the dictionary a lot. Weird, huh!

I had so many friends that I considered my best friends because I was close to them and I think they needed me. Meaning, I was there for them all the time. I like being needed that is why I was happy to be sort of service to them. But then again, some of them disappeared some of them stayed. Then we have a new life as we get married and have kids. My husband became my best friend and my whole life has been focused to my family since then.

I am happy that I have some friends around b. They might be not more than ten but then again just like your best friend, I know that they are real ones.

I hope to find another best friend besides my husband though.

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