Sep 15, 2007

Sweet life...

I just love this time of the day. Friday night until Saturday morning... everybody's sleeping and it's relatively quiet at home.

I am not here at my busy corner, listening to really mellow and soothing songs and sipping coffee.

What a sweet life!

Course I have tons of pending things to do and I have some deadlines to beat. Still...

For a time now, I have been really contemplating on this major decision I am about to make. I am thinking of quitting work and focusing on my freelance jobs. I have a lot going in my writing "career" and this is the one area of my life right now that is making me entirely happy. I look forward to going online and write until my eyes get tired and my back aches. I love it!

But I have to think of my family first before myself. There are just some concerns that I need to iron out before making the big move.

I just wish that this time, I get to do what I want and at the same time take care of my responsibilities.


mharia said...

I love "writing" and getting paid to do it, too ... and writing at our own sched! :)
I still have to get myself a paypal account though; one that's really mine. now that is the most difficult part for me.. sigh.
You'll make the right decision in time, sis...
happy weekend! :)

FlAmE$hOt said...

thats really cool... u lead an awesome life !! really

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