Aug 25, 2007

Home with the family

It's a long weekend for us because it's a non working holiday on Monday. Good time to rest and bond with the family. My sister has tutorial lessons on Saturdays and she has to go to Tandang Sora to her student's house. Tomorrow, she does not need to go there because her student is going somewhere. It would be a lot of fun to do a dvd marathon later.

When we're all at home, it's always a riot. Hahaha... 4 girls and 1 boy and my dad? Ha! Expect a lot of noise. Us girls are loud and noisy, believe me! My brother and my dad are outnumbered so they just keep silent hahaha

Oh well...

Happy weekend everyone!


len said...

hehehe wow ok yun ate magkakasama kyong buong family sa bahay ^-^ hehe natutuwa nman ako naiimagine ko yung dad and brotehr mo po hehehe ^-^ talo cla hihihi ingat plagi ate mwuah!

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