Aug 14, 2007

What is wrong with my memory!!!

I just came back from the bank. Going there, I saw someone I know. But I can't remember her name so I just looked away. And then going back to the office, I saw four more people that I know. I still can't remember their names!!!

Darn it!

One of them even stopped and looked at me, probably expecting me to greet him. Aargh! I can't remember his name.

Is this memory gap? Hahahahah


With regards to my previous post, I am okay now. Bahala na lang siya if he does not want to speak to me. Life is like that.


Cosmetics and Perfumes said...

Hi :)
Same happens to me eveytime . First I asked , am I old ?- I am 34 years old- No I am not too old to remember the names of somebody. And then I decided My brain has a capasity and if it awares some importand memory that should be in it, it takes off some unimportand memories :)
Cosmetics And Perfumes

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