Aug 16, 2007

Self-Destruct Mode

I'm staring at a blank screen when I thought of writing this down. Self-destruction is not good. Duh! Of course! Who in her right mind thought of just dragging the days by and see where it will lead her? Noone, is my guess! And who would put up with this mediocre performance? Noone! Just poor ol' me! Waahhh… Well, pissed is the right word. Disappointed big time with how the way things turned out with this friggin' job. How come I don’t get lucky with these jobs? How come there's always a teeny-weeny reason why I shouldn’t stay? I know. I know. It's not the job, it surely is me. But it still is a friggin' crappy work life! Whatever!

I don’t know where this nonsense writing will lead me but I'm guessing… nowhere!


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