Jun 12, 2007


For a time now I have been thinking of putting a subdomain under my sasha-says.com site for my inspirational posts. I've wanted to create one and use this book my sister gave me about Making a Difference in peoples' lives.

I will start doing it tomorrow. I've set up a subdomain already. The url is something that you will be surprised to see and then will probably get disappointed if you're looking for a different stuff. Hahaha...


Am I selfish? Am I asking for too much from this friend of mine? I want to be able to spend time with A but A's busy with so many things right now. Hay... I believe this is just PMS. I miss A so much! It's like something's missing and A is the only cure to make the longing go away.


I miss everyone lately. My friends, my mom, my old old friends A and E, my ex-boss, my besfriends, my HS friends... What's wrong with me??

I also truly hate work right now. I don't like my boss and officemate. They're okay but it's like they don't want me to belong in the department. I was told by someone that my boss's dilemma before I joined the company was that I knew more than her. I've got more knowledge in our field than her. And frankly, to tell the truth, I don't even want her post! Who wants to deal with those overbearing expats all the time?? Definitely not me!


I am not in a happy mood today mainly because of my period. I get it every other 2 months and it's really nasty when it comes.

I need to see a doctor now.


Sorry for this bits and pieces. I do hope I imparted something.


Amazing Gracie said...

I feel for you, my dear! I had nasty mood swings, too, but that is now years behind me, thank goodness!!! And working with nasty people is every day, not every couple of months - ugh.

des said...

hi sis!

same here..nasty mood swings come when it's my period. i read from a health mag, not so sure though, women have 40 different moods during this period.

God bless on your work, sis! Carry on!

nakaredirect pala sa blogspot mo sis. sige, inform mo na lang me pag oks na site mo.

Heart of Rachel said...

Hi Sasha. I know what you mean. I have mood swings too during my period. Hope you'll feel refreshed after a few days. Hope you figure out the problem in your other site. Take care and wishing you great days ahead.

Callie Ann said...

I hope you feel better soon and cheer up. let the sun rays touch your face. Make sure you get enough vitamin D it helps with our happy sides.

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