Jun 7, 2007

Confusing Thursday afternoon

I read something that made me giddy. Felt really good! Yipeedoo!

I was pondering the whole week on what to do with the offer I got a few weeks ago. They need me there now, the HR manager said. It was a good offer. I will manage a large team, will handle a lot actually but that's okay. There might be an opportunity for me to go abroad if and when the US client they're negotiating with signs the agreement.

So what seems to be my problem, you'd say? Well, I am currently employed at the moment. The job sucks, yes, but this gave me something to give to my family for the past few weeks now. Given that the job is a no-brainer, same old accounting stuff. I don't have a staff right now but that's cool. I can blog on the side as long as I finish my tasks for the day. But I am B-O-R-E-D to death here! I need something that will stimulate my mind and not egg me to become a no good employee! But how can I tell my friend here who referred me that I found a better opportunity outside? How??

And I found out yesterday that I was given a premium when I joined the company. My boss's pay is just a few thousand bucks shy from my pay.

So what do I do now? I will be talking to the chief operating officer of the other company tonight. I will take it from there.

But please pray for me.


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