Jun 28, 2007

Being in a constant state of sleepiness

I am always sleepy in the morning. I always tell myself that I will sleep at exactly 12mn but most likely by that time I’m still hyperactive and very much wide awake.

On weekends, instead of sleeping the day away, I go out with friends or the family.

Just to make you realize how sleepy I am all the time, I had my foot spa the other day. While the attendant was busy doing things to my feet, I was fast asleep! The whole time. I just woke up when the attendant woke me up to ask what nail polish I want.


The problem with me is that, my body wants to relax and go to deep slumber in the morning, when it’s time for me to work. At night, I am totally wide awake. Can I just take a nap even for an hour? zzzzzzzzzzzz


gadis said...

My mom angry if I sleep in morning :(

Rodrigo said...

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Constructicle Boy said...

hello.this is constructicle boy and i have added you to the train under this link,http://constructicle.blogspot.com/2007/06/double-whammy-to-increase-alexa-ranking.html

Raein said...

Waaah. Baka kulang ka lang sa tulog? Tulog lots! :P

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