Jul 5, 2007

My soul wishes...

I always know there's something missing in my life. I am just attributing it to my discontentment of my profession. But there's just something I can't quite put my finger on. It's something I've been wanting for so long and yet...

This morning, while having breakfast, I saw a mom with her two daughters. I was looking at the youngest one, busy talking and telling her older sister about the straws she took from the counter. And it dawned on me, what I have been longing for for so long now...

A kid of my own.

Someone I can pass on everything I know, everything I've been working so hard for.

Yes, my family is there for me. My hands are full just with them alone. But still, there's something in me that is longing for someone of my own.

I don't know if I should be acting on this impulse. I know I will be a very good mother. I can provide for my kid. I can give her her basic needs, send her to a good school, put a roof over her head.

I will think about it again. I will pray to God for His guidance.

By next year, I want to get pregnant.

Let's see.


maiylah said...

All in God's time ... :)

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