Sep 10, 2006

Take me away!!!

It's really frustrating the hell out of me. You'll ask a very simple question that is EITHER answerable with a yes or no OR answerable with a very specific amount or word… will they give it? NOOO! They will point you to the direction of a possible answer but they will NOT give it to you! I am the boss right? But hey, in this company, the supervisors are way more powerful than the managers! Why?? Because they were here way back when I was still in college so they are closer to the big bosses than moi. It kills me, really, to tread carefully around my staff. I am not a bad manager (although I goof from time to time!) and I am always friends with my staff. I don’t make them feel that I am their boss but there are times that you expect them to treat you with courtesy. Especially when the higher ups need something from you that in turn you ask them to provide. Also, I treat everyone the same way I want to be treated. So it really, REALLY kills me to be treated this way.

I need to get away from these people before I bloody my hands!



Anonymous said...

Relax sis! your heart...your wrinkles...your poise...(joke) pinapa-smile lang kita.

tsk tsk, some people...kapag ok ang treatment mo sa kanila nag-aabuso...kaya minsan, mas ok pa (for me ha?)yung may manipis na wall in between, para hindi sila masyadong at ease to the point na sobrang comfortable na at mawawala na ang courtesy...

tekla said...

cool ka lang sashing cge ka puso mo baka ma 50-50 ka hehehe joke!

dapat paalisin na sila kasi mattanda na yata eh biruin mo college kapa andyan na cila :) mga antigo o haligi na sila.

HURWE said...

hehehe... kakaintriga nmn to....

Cno ba yang taong yan....???

prekneeko said...

hmmmmmm tst tsk tsk..

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