Jul 27, 2006

The Wind Beneath Our Wings

I've two guy bestfriends, Derek and Lem. If you've read one of my previous posts, Lem's mom died very recently of complications to diabetes. It was cardiac arrest due to multiple organ failure. This morning, I got another very sad news, this time about Derek. His father died yesterday morning at 4AM due to cardiac arrest as well. Two deaths in less than a month! Tsk. Tsk. My mom died similarly to Lem's mom but her main illness was a rare kidney disease. It was just last September 29, 2005. A big loss to me.

Losing a parent is no joke. Yes, we're already in our late 20s. But admittedly, we're very much at ease when our parents are there when we come home at night. Iba kasi iyong alam mo na may madadatnan kang naghihintay sa iyo. Iyong may matatakbuhan ka kung may problema ka. Iyong may mainit na yakap kang matatanggap kung kailangan mo. And in our case, we're very close to our parents so it was doubly hard for us when we both realized our mothers were really gone.

If you're going home to your parents house, or visiting your parents, give them a hug, a smile, a comforting word or two. It would go a long way, believe me. Try chatting with them. If you're harboring a grudge or is currently angry with them, please find it in your heart to forgive. If not, pray for a possibility of forgiving them. Life is too short. You never know when they will be gone. You just don't know. The chat that you'll forego tonight could be the last that you'll have with them. The hug or kiss that you wouldn't give them upon arriving home could be the last. You never know. We never know. So let's go acknowledge our parents' presence NOW.

Before it is all too late.


Maricel said...

hello sasha! i lost my sister recently. i can relate to how you feel. my parents and brothers, my late sister and i are living in 3 different countries, and differents states pa. we see each other not very often, not even on special occassions. they are coming home in 2 wks to bring home my sister's ashes. we will definitely make the most of the time that we will spend with each other. we are all heart-broken with what happened to my sister.

take care.

Jigs said...

Condolences to all of you... I still have both my parents. I know that wont be forever. And everytime I think about it, my heart just breaks. I love my parents. I dont know what will happen when that day comes.

As for now, I am taking your advice and letting my parents know how much I love them. :)

sasha said...

that's so sad (for the lack of a better word), maricel! i lost a brother 8 yrs ago due to leukemia. everytime i think of him, i get this wobbly smile fixed on my face. i love that kid so much! he was 15 when he died. tapos, last sept, mom ko naman. ang hirap lalo na kapag sobrang close ka sa family mo. minsan nga kapag umandar pagiging morbid ko, kung anu-ano naiisip ko pwedeng mangyari sa aming natitira pa dito... hay... i just pray to God na He make us more stronger in faith.

good for u, jigs! and am glad to hear na u love ur parents! marami kasi akong kilala na hindi mahal magulang nila. can't preach to them that much naman dahil baka mas mapasama pa kung sobra pakikialam ko. :(

tutubing_karayom said...

Its really sad, but partly we can be happy for them, at least hindi na sila naghihirap hindi ba? at mas masaya sa pupuntahan nila... yan ang paniniwala ko.. and u can think that they wer just there watching over us.. mga stars...

sasha said...

tama ka, TK! in my case kasi, literal na nandyan lang ang mommy. we can still feel her in the house, watching us. pag may nakakalimutan kami, magpaparamdam ng konti saka bigla namin maiisip na may nire-remind ang mommy. :)

and mas gusto ko talagang wala na si mommy kesa nakikita ko nga daily, hirap naman sa sakit niya. she's already with Him in heaven :)

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