Jul 30, 2006

Gloomy Sunday

I went to the wake of Derek's father last night with my friend Myra and Rob. Myra's working at Star Cinema while Rob's a medrep for a big pharmaceutical company. We did some catching up. It's just so sad that with our busy lives, we see each other in these types of occasion na lang. We need a reunion!

Sidenote: I don't want to be the organizer anymore. I'm tired of the job already. I was president of our class from elementary to 4th year highschool. So I guess, it was natural for them to assume that I'll take care of everything everytime there's a get-together. BUT, I'm TIRED of being the person-in-charge all the time! I wish BJ will come home soon. I always pass on to him the responsibility of taking care of these things when he's here kasi. BJ, come home na!

Anyway, I got a chika from Myra... my lover boy Piolo P.'s supposed romance with Rica P. is just a cover-up for the fact that papa Piolo is now so enamored with Sam M.! Ano ba yan?! He's muy guapito pa naman and a woman's fantasy. Hay... Some things in life are really unfathomable.


Obviously, I changed my layout. I want something loud yet soothing. I want something blue and simple. Glad I found this template!

I also took out some links that does not visit naman. I included some that I find interesting and have always been dropping by but was not asking for a link. If for some reason I took you out and wanted your link back, please leave a shout out so I can put it back.
Lapit na berdey ko! Yipee! Sana may magregalo sa akin ng Bob Ong books ;-)


Racky aka Bakya Ni Neneng said...

kailan ba bday mo? pero gusto ko rin magkaroon ng mga books ni Bob eh :D

einen schönen Sonntag noch (have a nice Sunday)!


sgraffito said...

waa! tama maganda nga ang layout na ito... cool and soothing ehehe
lapit na pala birthdya mo? kelan? happy borthday in advance :3

Jigs said...

Feeling ko underwater ako sa new layout mo! hehe! I dont know why! :)

Malapit na birthday mo?! ako din... LOL!!! hehe! Anong kinalaman kaya nun noh?! :)

sasha said...

sa August 3 na po ang berdey ko! Yey!

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