Jul 31, 2006

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If only I could:
...turn back time I would've taken a different path.

If only I knew why:
...I am such a klutz in my finances, I would've been richer by now.

If only I could meet:
...George Clooney, I'd ask for a baby *wink*

If only they didn't have:
...mental and physical defects, special kids would've live more happily.

If only I could have a car:
...I want a Ford F150!

If only I could have this age again:
...14 yrs old so I can go back to second yr highschool.

If only this wish could come true:
...my brother and mom to be alive once more.

If I had a Million dollars I would buy these things:
...house & lot for my family, cars for all of us, gadgets (iPod, iBook, Blackberry for me), a farm and beach resort

If only I could anything right now, I would eat:
...I would love Gerry's Grill's sisig and Starbucks' chocolate cake *yum*

If only I didn't have to eat:
...payat na siguro ako!

If I could have one dream come true:
...to become a Julia Roberts (so I can be paid $20M per film)

If only I could be:
...a really good novelist

If I could meet one singer:
...I'd love to meet Norah Jones!

If I could meet one actor/actress, it would be:
...Mel Gibson

If I could change one thing about me it would be:
...fats go away!!!

If I could have one thing, I would have:
...love to travel around the world with tons of pocket money to spend *bwehehe*

If only they didn't play this song on the radio:
...that Toni Gonzaga song *grr* di maalis sa isip mo!

If I could go anywhere in the world, I would like to go to:
...Europe, spec. Spain!


kisses said...

Mel Gibson??? lolo na yon, bat di na lang si Brandon Superman, heheh!

sasha said...

mas type ko older men, neng. hehehe! he looks smart and he's interesting kasi kaya i want to meet him sana ;)

Jigs said...

parang twenty questions na interview na parang slumbook! LOL!

Buti nalang at di mo ko tinag dahil malamang ay hindi ko magagawa! hehe!

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