Jul 18, 2006

Changes in my life

As all of you know, I already have a job. Nothing spectacular, still the same boring (with a capital B) Accounting job that I used to have, but the pay's okay so have to stick to it to earn a living. Working hours is freakin' insane (well, for someone like me who's been to companies with flexible working hours)! 8AM is the clock in and I make it a point to go home at 7PM. I'm so used to waking up at 8AM before because I go to work at 10AM so imagine my effort to wake up at 5:45AM just to be at work before 8AM. Life is freakin' insane at times. And pretty vengeful!

My work entails a lot of analysis and verification. Finally, I'm a real manager now! I'm the youngest manager at 28. The other two are both in their 30s already. I report to 2 controllers. I'm handling 5 companies, all in industrial estate development. So far, everything's still smooth sailing. Real back-breaking work will begin in October which will end in mid-May next year.

I'm currently at home right now, doing office work and blogging at the same time. I'm not feeling well so I opted to stay home today.

Last Friday night, I met my bestfriend on my way home. He told me a very sad news... his mom passed away 4AM of Friday. I was so shocked because he told me that his mom was just in the hospital for some check-ups. It was all so sudden for me. I even saw Tita Josie two weeks ago with Lem's cousin. They came from the church. I was not able to say hi because they were a good distance from me.
I got this message from an old highschool friend the day before tita passed away...
Do you know that there are two days in our life that we can do nothing about?
One is "yesterday" and it's gone, while the other is "tomorrow" which is uncertain and might not come at all.
We can only live in today.
Today we can love... work... play... and above all enjoy!

When you think about it, especially with everything that happened in my life, two deaths in my immediate family, that message was true. How would we know that we'd still open our eyes tomorrow when we close them tonight? We don't. Everything in our lives is uncertain.
And that's the only certainty that we know.


Ann said...

Goodluck sa job mo. A young achiever.

Kaya nga sabi nila live your life to the fullest but with the Lord.

God bless!

Jigs said...

Condolence to your friend.

I liked the message she sent you. Simple but true.

tekla said...

one major reason why GOD answers prayers is simply to make us happy (Jn 16:24) Be Happy, ur prayers are answered. God Bless!

fllnngl1225 said...

thanks for sharing though i know it must have been hard for you..

condolence for your friend.

*sigh* yea.. in life we just dunno what will happen next. one moment, all the people we cherish the most are just right beside us, then the next moment, they'll suddenly slip from our grasp. it's hard but what else can we do? nothing's everlasting on earth. one way or the other we'll all meet our doom. *sigh*

teecee po lagi

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