Dec 10, 2014

What is an OPK?

I saw my newly-married cousin and her husband very happy when they announced that their expecting their first child. I think knowing her body better made it easy for them to conceive.

When a couple is trying to conceive, it is very important that a woman understands her cycle. Failure to determine when your ovulation is, is one of the very main reason for an unsuccessful attempt in getting pregnant. A woman only ovulation once per cycle and we only have 2 fertile days which is a very short window. That is why it is important to not miss that short window of opportunity when you're trying to conceive. There are several ways to know when you are ovulating. Pregnancy Tips show several ways to detect ovulation.

First is you can determine ovulation by using an ovulation predictor kit (OPK). An OPK is a like a pregnancy test, except that it detects ovulation instead of a pregnancy. An OPK detects your body’s LH surge and so when you see 2 dark lines (or the second line darker than the first line), you are most probably ovulating. Second is you can also check your cervical mucus. If you notice, we have different types of cervical mucus. When you are ovulating, your cervical mucus becomes a very clear substance, similar to that of the an egg white. Third is, you can also purchase a basal body thermometer wherein you track your ovulation by checking your body’s temperature. When a woman ovulates, there is a sudden drop on the temperature making a woman be able to determine that when she is charting her temperature daily. Read all about how OPKs work at


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