Dec 26, 2014

Just like home.

When you look for an apartment, you are actually looking for a place just like home. A place where you can retreat at the end of the day and feel relaxed and rested. It is the same idea that my sister had when she was looking for a place near her workplace. She looked for a place just like home. The apartment is a great place even if it is a small one. The landlord and other two tenants in the next two doors treat my sister well. It is a good thing that my sister passed the tenant background check that her landlord did. She doesn't see herself renting out another place than the one she has now.

Tenants out there, if you are thinking of renting a place, let me advise you to find a place that feels just like home. And then make sure you comply with whatever background check the landlord will do. Provide accurate and legitimate information on your employment and income because the landlord needs that to know if you are capable of continuing rental payments after the first few months. Landlords, I suggest you use a service like Tenantify. They are capable of checking information in the most secure and accurate way. And it can be done in just one business day! Landlords and tenants can sit tight and wait for the verification process to be completed. Once it is done, the landlord can make an informed decision on whether to accept the tenant or not. Meanwhile, the tenant can breathe a sigh of relief that his information is verified and that he has the potential of living in the apartment that feels so much like home to him.

Choose a place wisely, tenants. And landlords, make sure to do a background check on your tenants through Tenantify.


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