Jul 19, 2013

My faith this week...

I am continuously budgeting the fund I have for the wedding of my little bro. I made estimates and I would make adjustments based on actual payments made. Continuous estimates and adjustments. Of course, as I see actual costs, my mind would go to panic mode. Preparing a wedding, regardless if it's only a budget wedding, is very costly! If you don't have any source of income that will give you sporadic cash inflows, I suggest you save enough money first before setting a date. Preparing a wedding, aside from the costs of it, will take a toll on you. Trust me, I am only helping the bride and groom but I am just as stressed as them.

Oh, don't get me wrong. I am very happy with the upcoming wedding. It's just that being the breadwinner in the family for so long, and the one doing the budget, makes me worry about cash flow a lot.

But you know how it is with the Lord. He would come in when He knows you need His help already. I've been panicking alongside my other sister about the wedding expenses and then help came along. We still need a lot of cash for some other expenses related to the wedding but I know the good Lord's help will come, one way or another.

I am opting to keep the faith rather than wallow in endless worrying and panicking.



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