Jul 9, 2013

Burn out

I will be honest enough to tell you all the truth that I can already feel it for the past year now. Burn out. I know I've been spreading myself too thin for so long but I would like to think it's more of a necessity so I had to do it. Blog all I could, still can.

I am admitting now what I've been noticing the past year or so... the drive to blog is slowly fading. I know I will most likely blog for as long as I can see and type. I will be a blogger for the rest of my life. But that once burning passion to blog has diminished somehow.

I never thought I'd come to a point in my life when I would enjoy being out of the house more than being inside and online. These past few weeks, while helping my brother and his fiancee with their wedding preparations, I've been enjoying myself so much! I've been offline most of the time and I am truly having fun!

I know the burning passion to blog is still there. In fact, I can feel its spark every now and then for the past few weeks. I can make it burn as bright as it once was. I know I can. But for now I will just let myself have fun being offline.


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