Apr 28, 2013

In constant search for an inspiration.

I write all the time. Even when I am out of the house and away from my computer, I still write on a notepad or a notebook. That's what I do, you know.

I write.

It makes me happy because I know I am doing something that I am passionate about. It is an outlet for all the emotions inside me. It is a way of life for me already, to tell you the truth.

And I will not change it for anything else.

I began writing stories, essays, poems, and just snippets of thoughts back in high school. I had these notebooks where I wrote a lot of stuff. I am not sure if I still have those notebooks, though. One, I remember clearly, was left under the pillow on the bed I occupied during a retreat back in junior high. I felt so frustrated over the loss of that notebook of mine I 'mourned' that loss for weeks! I wrote so much stuff there and was on a number of pages already of a developing story about a missing girl.

Oh, well.

I have a lot more notebooks which replaced that one. I actually have a box full of notebooks of different sizes, all ready to be filled with ideas. But as of now, I can only write for my blogs. I still have to find that inspiration to write a story again.

I know I can get back my mojo. I know how to but I am waiting for something to happen first. I am waiting for my 'freedom'. As soon as I am free, I will get that mojo of mine back and will write one story after another. And all of it will get published!

That's a promise I am making to myself!


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