Dec 1, 2012

Little girl reading

Truth be told I am a late bloomer in reading. I became a bookworm when I was already in my teens. I read a lot when I was younger but lack of budget for books and a very limited library in school prevented me from really digging in on the books that matter.

I never went through that phase of reading the classics. My very first novel was a historical romance book. Ha! Ha! Ha! I know, not very appropriate! But I bought the novel for only 25 pesos in National Bookstore. That amount was right on the budget so I was allowed to get it for myself. Then I went through the phase in high school where I read almost all Sweet Dreams, Sweet Valley High, and Tagalog romance novels that I could get my hands on. Then in college, I read more Sidney Sheldon, Danielle Steele, Johanna Lindsey, Judith McNaught, Jude Deveraux, and other foreign authors that I was lucky to get from friends.

For more than two years now, I've been digging into Young Adult books a lot. I realized that I never really went through the books that make my young heart flutter so I am now going back and indulging myself. Ha!

There are days when I regret not starting really young in reading. There are just so many good books that I haven't read and most of them are for little kids! Some people laugh at me for buying kiddie books but this girl doesn't really care. I want to read those books you know. And if not now, when?



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