Aug 23, 2012

My love for this blog...

...knows no bounds! ;)

I started my blogging life in this blog. Yes, I had a bravejournal account before and some others that I completely forgot about now. But this blog started it all for me. This used to have a URL of but bloggers from some countries, especially in the Middle East, couldn't access my blog due to perceived x-rated content. The xxx in the URL pretty much did it! Hahaha! So I changed the URL to and have stuck with it since then. June 2006 was my starting point but I began blogging way back in 2004 in other blogging platforms.

Anyway, I won't go into too much details anymore. You will surely find more than enough information about my blogging past here somewhere. What I am driving at here is that I will continue blogging here for as long as I can. Maybe even after I am done maintaining so many blogs and I am already going in another direction I will still blog here.

There were times in the past when I thought of personalizing this blog further, using a personal domain, a DOT COM here. But I don't think I'd want that any longer. No, I will keep this blog as is.



Anonymous said...

i was one of your avid readers before... right? hehe

Sasha said...

tumpak, kuya! ikaw ang isa sa pinakamasipag mag-comment dati hehehe

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