Feb 16, 2012

Lightbulb moment

I have one blog that I haven't been focusing on yet. It has its own domain name and since I don't have anything in it yet I am thinking of transferring the content of this blog to that one. Anyway, for some reason known only to them, the big G of the internet hasn't been ranking this blog after it was given a 4 in the beginning, then a 3 and the last one about a couple of months ago, a 2. Because of that, I haven't been getting assignments for this blog.

So that's my lightbulb moment.

Maybe with a domain name attached to the content it will be given a rank by the big G of the net?

I do hope so.

I'll begin the transfer this weekend.

Stay tuned.



Anna said...

Hmmm... I am thinking of that for my very first blog too. You are really my idol in blogging! :)

Sasha said...

Thanks, sis! Touched naman ako with your kind words :)

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