Oct 21, 2011

Food Friday: Chocolate Cake

The little girl turned 6 so naturally we bought her a chocolate cake on her special day ;)

She chose a round cake and she told my sister to put a dedication on it. She also said she wanted a candle to go with her cake. Hahaha!

Happy Friday everyone!


maiylah said...

wow...chocolate overload!!! sarap naman nyan! honestly, am drooling here...LOL.

thanks so much for sharing Ninin's birthday cake over at Food Friday, sis!
lapit na weekend...have fun!

ps. hope ok ka na, sis...ala na trangkaso. :)

imriz said...

happy birthday to the little girl. we have the same birth month:)

happy weekend.

Winnie said...

It's a beautiful cake!:)
I'm sure she was very happy with it

Mika said...

Ang daya hindi na naman ako nakatikim ng handa ni Ninin :)

Kitty Kate said...

Happy Birthday pretty girl Ninin!!! Sarap ng chocolate cake mo! Hey Sis, miss ko na kayo hehehe! On strike pa rin ako ahahaha!(Ang kulit noh!) I seldom open it na. Regards, regards sa lahat!

Angi said...

wow chocos! gaking naman ng cake ni ninin.

Dhemz said...

ayay, nakakatakam...very rich! thanks for dropping by...:)

Kim, USA said...

My favorite cake yummy!


peachkins said...

you just made me crave!

Jenn said...

Oh wow... one could never go wrong with chocolate cake. :) Happy birthday to the celebrant.

Hopping from Food Friday.

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