Aug 31, 2011

Mine No More

The soul that belongs to me is no longer mine
Though I was born with it at the start of time

It now belongs to someone dear
Someone I love, it's now so clear

Darling, I hope that I will always be yours
My heart longs for you, it seems to call

I could not listen to it before
I was caught up in so much more

I realise now that my soul is yours,
it will always be until the doors
Of heaven pull me through the golden gates,
and there I will sit and wait

For you to enter my sweet world
Once again you'll be my girl

My tears fall as my brittle heart weeps
My soul is always yours to keep

I can't take it back, not for anyone
Not for freezing ice nor burning sun

Not for mountains high or rivers deep
My soul is always yours to keep

Not for anyone or anything
Your name is what my soul sings
Not for crashing thunder nor ripping wind
Or voices that tell me to give in

Not for the giant moon nor furthest star
My heart and soul are mine no more.


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