Aug 24, 2011

Maybe the old songs...

Songs can make us remember even the tiniest details of our lives. When you hear a song, you feel this tug in your heart and then a memory resurfaces, good or bad.

During nights like these, when I have tons of things to do, I make it a point to turn on the radio. Besides keeping me company, music helps me think.

And I was able to hear this old song again…

in my time, i’ve lived and loved so much
through each high and low, i let my heart be touched
in my time, there isnt much i’ve missed,
i’ve seen love come and go, but heaven knows, i’ve never loved like this
in my time

A couple more thousands of words to go! Thank you for the music that's keeping me company...



SandyCarlson said...

That's a nice song. It's amazing how an old tune can do so much.

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