Jan 6, 2010

Confess this out loud!

I got this from Bro. Bo Sanchez. In his article, he said that thoughts are powerful but words are even more powerful. We can have a great 2010 if we believe it with all our hearts. I do believe him on that. Di ba they say that we make our fortune?

He said that we should confess this out loud, with all the conviction we could muster!

I declare I’ll have a super-blessed year in 2010! I claim a year of amazing abundance for my life. This year, I shall receive more love and give more love. I shall experience more joy, greater generosity, dreams fulfilled, financial increase, open doors, new opportunities, divine connections, supernatural appointments, great miracles, answered prayers, and exponential growth—Amen!

You know we can do it! If we only put our hearts to it.

Happy New Year once again everyone! 2010 will be a superb year for all of us!


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