Aug 27, 2008

Kay Tagal

Kay Tagal... You know that song by Rachel Alejandro? I love that song a lot! It brings back so many good memories of my teenage years. I am listening to it right now and the feeling is incredible.

I feel like I am back in the 90s and savoring the taste of first love.



Raquel said...

Ang corny mo naman manay! Otot lang kulang jan. Anyway, Rachel A. is one of my favorite singer. Sayang hindi sila nagkatuluyan ni____. I forgot his name manay. Dingdong ba yun?

Raquel said...

Pahabol...I like your new layout. I-domain mo na to manay.

Skippyheart said...

ang sweet ng post sis! love the mood nung photo. :)

Lovely new layout too!

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