Aug 6, 2008

Hurt and angry

When you offer someone your help, it is actually an offer out of the kindness of your heart. The person you offered your help to does not have the right to get angry with you when you don't do the job on time, right? I admit, it's my fault but to insinuate that you owe her something that's why you need to do the job...

It's just hurtful and I am angry because of it.


maiylah said...

aba, sobra naman yan ... siya na nga ang tinutulungan, siya pa ang nagagalit! parang naalala ko tuloy yung sa "picture piracy" incident ko, sis. ;)

Gin said...

How sad! Sometimes people forget who's doing who a favor.

Anna said...

Hello friend!
Hmnnn.who could that be?
Anyways, it really happens sometimes.
Do not let your kindness be abused.
Take care!

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