Jul 19, 2008

Soon to be moved

This blog's contents will soon be transferred to another blog that I opened. Bookmarks was once a PR3 blog, opened with the intention of it being my personal blog. But then I opened a DOT COM and was supposed to delete this one. Due to sentimental value, I held on to this blog.

But you know what they say when one has achieved so much already (like those hit American tv shows), bow out when you are still on top. I would like to retire this blog very much. No, I will not delete this one, lest someone registers my "sashashing". I will just empty this one and lock it.

I don't know if Bookmarks will still be given a PageRank by Google. I don't think my efforts will be put to good use. Only this blog's Alexa is making waves.

So, until I get the other blog ready, I will still post updates here :)

Happy weekend everyone!


Raquel said...

Sasha, i-domain mo nalang to.

Btw, estrikto na ang payu2 ngayon, di na nila tinatanggap ang free platform like blogger, WP and et cetera.

Sasha said...

Ay oo manay, ido-domain ko ito hehe... Medyo may rule lang ang payu2 sa akin na dapat kong sundin :)

nobe said...

hi there!

i found you on entrecard. just wanted to pay you a visit. :)


Sandra Cobb said...

I would leave some of the contents at blogger and just insert a link to your new site. After all, it's free!

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