Aug 3, 2007

For you my friend...

There are persons in your life that you oftentimes take for granted. These are the people that most often than not, are the important ones… those that matter.

I admit, I take you for granted at times.

I thought you'd always be here with me and we'd get out of here together. I thought I'd always have someone to call whenever "they" annoy me. I thought my lunch and meryenda buddy would always be here, just a holler away come 12noon or 4pm.

I was wrong.

I'm writing this post to rectify my mistake…

I'm writing this to say…

THANK YOU… for everything.

For all the gripe sessions we had;
For all the times you were there to sympathize;
For all the laughter;
For sharing a part of your life with me;
For everything.

I will always cherish all those times, sis. It'll forever be a part of me.

Let's keep in touch.


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