Jul 19, 2007

Making peace with everything...

I have made peace with my current situation, Howling. I know that things happen for a reason and maybe, this is a blessing in disguise, I just don’t look at it this way. Maybe, God is telling me something and as you've said kuya, I'm not listening to Him. I am straining to listen to what I wanted to hear, stubborn girl that I am. Not anymore, though :)

Now, I try to inject something positive in everything that I do. I try my best to reject all the negative thoughts that pop inside my head. Course, there are times that I'd succumb to temptation again but I know He'll keep me in line :) He commissions a lot of reinforcements naman in the form of friends, offline and online (di ba sis and ate ghee ^_^).

My heart is full of happiness right now because I felt His love this morning. Nagpapansin, mam, effective naman! Hahaha!



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