Jul 17, 2007

Growing old...

I don’t like Friendster that much. I get into this rollercoaster ride whenever I open it. Happy and sad and envious and mad at myself for being envious… Hay…

I saw a friend’s account. She got married already pala. I was not invited! Hehehe… Okay lang. We had a falling out a couple of years back. Forgive and forget. The friendship was already broken and there’s a gap as wide as the ocean that we can never bridge again. I just felt sad and depressed. It was partly my fault that our friendship was broken. And she was a good friend. Until that falling out. Depressed the hell out of me when I viewed her wedding photos.

I saw another former friend’s account. Eto yung kasangga ko back in college until my early years of being an accountant. She’s still single like me. There’s just one pic that I saw that made me recall all the good days back when we’re reviewing for the board exams. Made me teary-eyed.

From the time I viewed all those photos until now, I'm still feeling down. I miss them. I miss the old days.

These are sure signs of growing old. It'll be my 29th birthday on August 3. I started getting old when I was 12. So indulge me when I say that I might be undergoing a midlife crisis soon.


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