Jul 23, 2006


I am a frustrated writer. I have a dozen or so notebooks/pads with stories written on it. No endings. I always have these crazy plots that I bring life into but in the middle of it all, my mind goes blank. Oh well, so much for being a writer. In fairness to myself, I have several that I completed. But only I have read it.

What do I love about writing? Bringing to life characters that you only dream of. It's true that a character brought to life is somewhat a part of the one who made it. All those characters in my stories have a trait that I myself have.

If I can make myself start from scratch again and can choose everything from day 1 here on earth, what would I be? Here goes...
  • Would love the name Fiona or Phoebe Dominique (why? just like the sound of it!)
  • Would love to have taken up ballet dancing, swimming and piano lessons in the early years of my life (although, I did take up piano lessons when I was seven yrs old and dropped it because my lesbian teacher used a wood ruler when I made mistakes) and judo, karting and fencing in my teens
  • Would love to have been more active back in highschool and not be the bully that I was (he he he)
  • Would love to have been more refined than be more mannish as I am right now although I am happy that I do not have the impluse to don girly clothes and put on so much girly things
  • Would love to have read the classics and the fairy tales when I was still young
  • Would love to have taken care of my skin and hair more than leave it as they are (remember, I am mannish by nature)
  • Would love to have been more disciplined in what I eat (course, you know why )
  • Would love to have been more caring towards my friends. This is one of the many serious frustrations I have. I didn't take care of the ones that truly mattered. They know who they are. Sayang!
  • Would love to have taken up journalism than accounting (although, come to think of it, if my mom had requested this in another lifetime, would have said yes to her again and again)
  • My secret dream parttime job?? To become a disc jockey and write Tagalog love stories on the side (he he he, i know, i know... baduy sa iba sa akin hindi)
  • Would love to have maintained an active social life and travel often
  • No regrets toward my relationship with my family.

These are the things my mind conjures when it is pouring outside. Sarap mag-isip!


Jigs said...

I'm a frustrated writer too. That's one of the major reasons why I blog.

Masarap ngang magisip specially when its raining outside and its cold. You get to ponder on things in your life, both past and future. :)

janpol said...

ako, ewan lang kung frustrated writer ako.. hehe.. hindi ko naman talaga hilig magsulat, so siguro hindi ko talaga masasabi na frustration ko yon..

pero madami kang gustong baguhin sa buhay mo ah.. masarap nga mag-isip kapaga ganitong maulan at malamig ang panahon... pero minsan sa sobrang lamig parang nagfi-freeze yung utak ko.. haha...

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