Jul 21, 2006

Thank God It's Friday!

Don't lose your health getting wealthy or you'll soon lose your wealth trying to get healthy again.


Friday is my favorite day of the week. It signifies the end of the work week and the start of relaxation and leisure. I don't normally go out on a Friday night but if a friend asks me to, I might consider.

Things I want to do this weekend:

1. I want to watch Sukob. (Opening na ba?) Parang maganda at nakakatakot! I was able to watch Feng Shui and it was scary. Directors/producers should get unknown actors for the ghost roles. It's more effective! And I do believe that the real scary movies are those that you can imagine can happen to yourself.

Let me digress a bit... Don't you just see Maja Salvador everywhere?? I watch her every night in Sa Piling Mo. I was able to catch her MMK Tanan episode. I saw her in another ABS-CBN show. She's everywhere! Don't get me wrong, I find her really good. It's just that, she's overexposed! She's even in this movie Sukob that's why I was reminded of her.

Anyway, I'm really excited with this movie! I hope I won't be disappointed.

2. I'm attending my friend Che's wedding tomorrow. Yey! She's the second one in our barkada to get married. The rest of us are still searching for our partners/figuring if our partner is the one.

I'll digress again... I'm pro live-in. But that doesn't mean I'm anti-marriage, okay? It's just that so many couples whom I know that rushed into marriage are now regretting their actions. Let's take my two friends as example. Jing met Alvin in gradeschool. They're neighbors. They became a couple in sixth grade until college. (Imagine, how many years they became a couple before tying the knot!) They got married before a year into college. Two kids later, they separated. Why? Three years into their marriage, the guy's true colors surfaced. He was lazy and would gamble than support his family. Qualities that he kept very well from Jing when they were just sweethearts. So Jing now met someone who's very responsible and loves her despite the fact that she was someone else's before he met her. She needs to get an annulment before she can fully commit to her current guy.

Now, let's take Che's case. She lived in with Macky for a couple of years. Not because they wanted to try living as husband and wife but because they fell in love and were not in a hurry to get married. Six years later, they're now getting married. Why?? Because they now know that they are meant to stay together forever. Che knows Macky's qualities, good and bad. And vice versa. They're compatible in all aspects of a relationship.

People say that the girl is the losing party in a live-in relationship. Won't the girl lose more if she become stuck in a bad marriage? Or get separated and find a really great guy and can't marry him because she's stuck to a marriage that she can't get annulled?

But hey, there are great marriages and bad live-in set-ups as well. This is my opinion alone. You're entitled to yours.

3. Get my hair cut.

4. Watch The Lake House. And fantasize about Keannu Reeves. He he he

5. Finish reading The Alibi.

Yey! Lapit na uwian :p


rex said...

yep! TGIF alright! incidentally, Friday ngayon, habang nagcocomment ako! haha!

anyway, for promdi students in the Metro like me, Fridays means a lot. it means, uwian na sa probinsya!

Jigs said...

Sukob does look scary! I think it will do better than that White Lady movie with crappy effects! hehe!

Lake House has a similar local movie. I think GMA films made it. They probably copied from lake house.

Hope you have fun at the wedding! Eventhough you are a pro live in. hehe!

ken said...

Sasha, Sukob will be showing on July 26.it will have its premiere night on the 25th.

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