Jul 6, 2006


I posted this in my other blog months ago. I talked to one of our common friends and I realized how much I miss these two. For all the other friends that I lost, good riddance! But these two left such a big dent in my life that I can't help but miss them and wish for time to turn back so I could have done something to save our friendship. Value your friends. You never know if you have a treasure with you. Here goes my sentiments...

I had two friends, let's call them Sweet Ant and Earth. They were both very close to me. We were inseparable. One look, and we know what each other would want to say.

Movies, books, music. We adore the same stuff. We spend time talking on the phone and we see each other every weekend. We would rather go out and have fun than go out with other friends. Our families know the sound of our voices. And we know each others' home numbers except our very own. That's how tight we were.

One mistake and it cost me my blood friends.

I miss them. I haven't talked to them for years. I haven't seen them for the longest time now. I knew from common friends that both are still single but Sweet Ant's thinking of getting married soon. Earth is dating, I was told. I am still happily single and thinking of changing the course of my life soon.

Sometimes I wonder at how stupid I was I let good friends go.

I just wish I'd find friends like them. I miss the "talakan" over the phone till four in the morning; the ancient music that Sweet Ant and I listen to; the telenovelas that Earth talks about every morning; the noisy conversations that others mistook for fights; everything...

When my mom was still alive, she told me that I was wrong in losing them, especially Sweet Ant with whom she's very fond of. I know I was wrong. I didn't nourish the friendship as I should. I made a very big mistake and they never forgave me for it, especially Earth.

Just the other day, my lola asked me why she hasn't seen Sweet Ant. I told her that she's living in a far away place already.

Some friends come into our lives for a reason. They taught me humility. Sweet Ant taught me real music, movies, avaricious reading... passion in all the things I do. Earth taught me how to laugh at problems, being there for a friend, aiming high and yet within reach... simplicity in things that would make me happy.

They taught me that there's an invisible tie binding us to friends and it's very fragile.

I got a knife and nicked it. And lost them in the process...

P.S. I am blogging by email for two days now. I will bloghop and answer comments and tags and links by Friday night. Take care everyone!


rex said...

awww.. i can totally relate on the severed friendship angle. but im the wronged party.

i've forgiven my *ex* friends, but im not sure if things can be brought back to what it used to be.

sometimes, i really miss the good old times. i miss it so bad that i wish the bad events didnt have to happen.. =(

sasha said...

totally true! sometimes, i miss them so bad that i can still hear us talking and laughing just like the good old times!

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