Jul 5, 2006

My life turned upside-down

Life has been topsy-turvy for the past couple of weeks for me. I resigned and was jobless for almost a month. Got financially down (up until now actually). Finally got a job and started last June 30! Should I rejoice or what?!?

I rejoiced! I was unaware of the fact that this would cause me additional dilemma in life. I thought I just need a job and bahala na si Batman! Boy, was I wrong! My hatred for the Makati life resurfaced. I really don't want to work in Makati. Two reasons: higher transpo and meal expenses and distance from my residence. Because I live in Quezon City and I don't have a car, I either hail a taxicab or ride the MRT. It's more convenient for me to go for the taxicab but it's more expensive. MRT is just so crowded be it in the morning or in the afternoon. I know you'll think that I'm just being maarte and all (and you're entitled to your own opinion) but hey, I've been working for years and the farthest office location for me was Ortigas Center. I tried working for almost five months in Makati back in 2000 and I got neck-deep in expenses for Starbucks coffee and FX service vans. he he he Seriously, my expenses were always far greater than my income.

So now my dilemma is this... do I look for another job or just stay put with this one?


ghee said...

awww..transportation,yan ang nakikita kong pinakamahirap na part ng everyday routine mo..bukod sa kelangan mo pang umalis nang maaga sa bahay mo..

naranasan ko ring magwork sandali sa manila,and i can relate..baka ma stressed out ang beauty mo..

kung may job offer sa malapit,y not and break a leg? :)
wish u luck!

Jigs said...

I'm not sure if its my place to give suggestions but you should try it for a bit. You need money right now right? Try mong magbaon ng lunch or snacks to lessen your cost endure the MRT. If you still feel uncomfortable, I suggest you find a different one. :)

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