Jun 26, 2006


iI was able to rest the whole weekend. Yey! I read a book (Velocity by Dean Koontz) and watched an array of TV shows.

I normally tune in to ABS-CBN starting around six in the evening (when I'm home, that is). Last Saturday, I was able to watch XXX of Karen Davila, Julius Babao and Henry Omaga-Diaz. A segment shown was about an old lady who for five months lived in a waiting area near Commonwealth Public School. It was sad. Sad because she's already 75 years old and alone. Old people deserve better treatment from all of us. It was also frustrating. Frustrating because how come we don't have an alternative solution for people like her? How could the government and PGMA release a 1B peso fund to fight corruption when they can use that fund to help Filipinos who deserve better from life?? Do they really think they can wipe out corruption when the very people implementing it practices corruption as well?? Why not allocate funds to build better home for the aged? Yes, there's Golden Acres. But it's poorly funded. The government can allocate a million peso to make it a much better place for the elderly.

Sidenote: I have this overwhelming feeling that social workers who work for the likes of Golden Acres are mostly people who are not cut out for such institutions. If not, how come most of them wants to go out instead of stay? Like that old lady. She was taken to Golden Acres twice and she opted to roam the streets of Manila than to stay with the institution. I'm not saying that ALL of them are like that. But let's admit it, most of the social workers are masungit and matapang. I think that there should be spot checks done so we would know if there are abusive workers. And pay handsomely those who are truly good ones.

I have a suggestion to PGMA... if she really wants to give a better life to us Filipinos, why not instead of allocating funds to fight corruption, allocate funds to fight poor health, illiteracy, poor living conditions of juvenile delinquents, elderly people and street palaboy? That will truly make the government funds so much more useful to everyone!

P.S. I had a very good post that I accidentally deleted. So this was the recovered and edited version :-(


On a happier note...

Watch My Girl tonight. It's bound to be a nakakakilig episode! He he he

After watching last night... Sobrang nakakakilig!!! Nahuli ni Julian na wala na iyong mga gifts nila kay Jasmine. Si Papa ni Jasmine kasi! Naiyak tuloy si Jasmine kasi hinusgahan na siya agad gayong di pa siya nakakapagpaliwanag. Sinabi nung mala-model na sekretarya ni Julian na nakulong ang papa ni Jasmine at siya ang nagpiyansa. Na-guilty si papa Julian! Takbo puntang pier kasi iyong Papa ni Jasmine, sumakay ng barko. Niyakap siya ni Julian! *kilig* Ayun, ayaw ng umuwi ni Jasmine sa bahay nina Julian. Naglasing pa siya. Ang cute ni Nico kasi martyr ang drama! Love niya si Jasmine e. Kaso knows niya na si Julian ang itinitibok ng puso ng lola mo kaya ayun, nagpaubaya. Eto na ang super kilig na parte ng episode kagabi. Lasing ang lola mo at sinundo ni Julian. Nung sinakay na niya sa kotse, biglang umungol ang babae... Julian... ang sinabi! Aaiiieeee!!!!

edited at 7:21PM June 27, 2006

Pinoy Meets World has a potential to be a really great travel/reality show. Paolo Bediones and Miriam Quiambao have chemistry and it shows that they are truly comfortable with one another. Nagdya-jibe personalities nila!

It's always a nice experience watching travel shows because admittedly, I cannot afford to travel at this point in time. Watching a travel show like this one makes me feel like I'm traveling with the hosts.


I've been TAGGED by janpol! :D

Need to write down 6 weird things about myself. Hmm...
  1. I can't sleep without a blanket over my legs. Even if it's blazing hot, I still need my blankie :p
  2. I need to wash dishes so I can think clearly.
  3. I talk to myself most of the time. I even chastise myself when needed, hehe. Sometimes, without meaning to, I say things to myself out loud.
  4. I love the smell of freshly-cut grass and the musty smell of old books.
  5. When I listen to DZRH in the morning, feeling ko may bagyo. Yay!
  6. I feel as if someone's standing in front of me when I soap my face. Or someone standing behind me when I'm taking a bath. Or someone's looking at me above the cubicle door when I'm peeing! Ay!

So there goes some of the weird stuff in me. There are so many more kaya lang six lang daw kaya there you go.


Lastly, I'm selling some of my books. Need some cash kasi. I have a link at my sidebar. You can check out the pics and prices here as well.


KaDyo said...

OK ang suggestion mo at para mas maganda i-suggest na rin natin na tanggalin na yang "pork barrel" ng senado at kongreso at ilaan ang pera na ito para sa mga mahihirap. =D

tekla said...

napanood ko din XXX. sobrang awa ko sa matanda. at mas lalo akong naawa sa pamilya ng matanda kc baket naatim nilang pabayaan ito.

kay pgma at mga pulitiko wala akong masabi..sila ang corrupt!

Jigs said...

Nice post. Can I safely assume na kapamilya ka? Hope so. I'm one too. hehe! The old lady story is sooo sad. I will never let my grandparents or my parents go through such pains. I miss them suddenly...

Anonymous said...


Certified Kapamilya. It's nice to know na may kasama pala ako. ;)

Pero, I always miss My Girl. Pano kasi, ang tatay ko Kapuso. Masyadong crush si Dada ng Love of the Condom este Condor Heroes pala! Haha!

Thanks for dropping by pala. Balik ka ha. :)

sasha said...

certified Kapamilya nga ako! hehe

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