Jun 21, 2006


Don't you just love that new Close-up commercial where the girl is auditioning and she's making a racket in front of three judges, not knowing Sam Milby's at the back, watching?

Love it!

Especially the song... what's the title of that song nga?

I am now going to a gym to shed excess fat. And boy do I have tons of it! Don't you just hate it when you realize you've been living this lie and denying the fact that you're getting un-healthier day after day?? I vowed to myself that I will start owning my weight. I will start helping myself get healthy (by exercising and cutting on those junk foods and rice). And start getting a life!
I became an office junkie for years and years. When friends invite me to go out, I will say yes but when the time comes for us to go, I stay in the office instead. Pathetic 'no?! So now, getting my life back is a must!
I really love that Koreanovela My Girl!!! Jasmine's fallen for Julian already. She can't afford it because she's pretending to be his long-lost cousin and he's got a girlfriend. Plus the fact that she's just a poor girl while Julian's an heir to a hotel company. The episode tonight is hysterical with a tinge of sadness in it. Jasmine's solution to her growing feelings for Julian is avoidance. She does her best to avoid Julian. One time, she's having dinner with her "grandpa" when the helper announces that Julian arrived already. What she did was stuff her mouth with food and immediately ascends the stairs. Julian sees her and wonders why she's in a hurry. Another time, she pretended to be asleep when he came in. There was also a time she pretended she hasn't seen his car coming.
Julian's beginning to get bothered by these. He cannot concentrate on his dates with his girlfriend because all he can think about is Jasmine. He decided to talk to her once and for all. She said that it's better that they treat each other as business partners and nothing else.
Pero na-hurt si Jasmine. Ganun din si Julian. Hay...
My Girl is being aired at ABS-CBN Channel 2 after Sa Piling Mo.


rina said...

aww. i miss watching koreanovelas and chinovelas and other-velas lol. :D

thanks po for drpping by sa blog ko!^_^

rex said...

the song of Close Up is titled SMILE AT ME by Rocksteddy.. :)

sasha said...

yey! thanks rex!

HappyHeart said...

Wee.. i love that commercial too! haha.. :)

tekla said...

avid fan din ako ni julian..hay ang aking pinagpapantasyahan :)

sasha said...

don't you just love his brooding looks? nakakatuwa sya kagabi sobra! bothered na sya sa pag-iwas ni Jasmine. hay...

ghee said...

Hi Sasha!

err,havo no idea bout the cm`s there! haha!

so,koreans are still in,huh? :D

Devilicious said...

My.. imma get myself a tv this pay period!! d nako makarelate!! hehehe

sasha said...

@ghee, oo in pa rin ang Koreanovelas dito. lalo na at nagustuhan dito yung Jewel in the Palace. ;) @devilicious, cge buy a tv na, hehe! super ganda ng My Girl pwamis! bibili nga ako ng dvds nito. ngaun na lang uli ako naadik sa Koreanovela!!!

aahhhron said...

I looove that song by RockSteddy!

Pati Alipin na rin by Shamrock. Hehe Nagustuhan ko yu when I heard it sa Jewel in the Palace. Jang Geum-Kapitan forever! Hahaha

Purple Princess said...

hi ate sasha! i love watching "MY GiRL" too! unfortunately, i dont have the time to watch it now that school has finally begun.. awww.. i misssed as in super lot of episodes!! what a bummer!!

hehe, thanks for dropping by!

sasha said...

don't worry princess, may rewind yan for sure! ;)

ley's notebook said...

it's nicest featured article i've read so far! kewl site. ;)

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