Jun 20, 2006

Blog home

Home sweet home.

I have numerously changed blog homes. I have previously created and maintained a really good one in bravenet but an unfortunate incident stemmed from that blog. Hence, I deleted it. I mistakenly personalized it to the point that several people, without looking at my profile, knew upfront that it was me. Thus, this new blog.

I will unleash a new me in this one. The real me. The feisty girl that I have suppressed for so long. Though, of course, no one will see any difference since you don't have any point of comparison. I will try my best not to reveal the real me. It's for the best, anyway.

I just want to be known here as Sasha.

For those of you who for some reason can still identify who I am, please just don't mention my real name. I would really appreciate it if you will help me keep my true identity.

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lovelyladynextdoor said...

Hello Sasha! I agree with you. I think we can write freely if we keep our true identity hidden. LOL! Its more fun this way!

sasha said...

exactly! he he

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