Nov 26, 2013

Jazz, Blues and R&B night

I forgot the name of the bar somewhere in the city where every night it's jazz, blues and R&B night. You could sit there for hours with a bottle of beer and just listen to one guy play the sax after another. Gigs would begin at around eight in the evening and would end at around three the next morning. The bar would always be filled with the regulars.

I loved it there. I remember going there with two of my closest friends a couple of times and we would sit there for hours talking and listening to the man on the stage. I would have gone there more but the place was out of the way. The place could only be accessed with a private vehicle as it was located in a residential area.

One time, about a few years ago, I went back there with a friend of mine. We were surprised that the bar was no longer there. It was replaced by a cafe.

Places like that are far and few between. I just wish more people would patronize it so they won't go into extinction like what happened to that local bar.


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