Mar 7, 2013

Time to start dieting...

I love tomatoes! And this tomato salad is just perfect for me :)

I know that it's time for me to start dieting. I can already feel the effects of all the excess weight I am carrying for years and years. I need to lose it.

I just wish I can buy a truck load of discipline so I can really stop eating A LOT!


Julie said...

It certainly looks delicious. However, I would hold the onions!

reg said...

Now that looks really good

HOOTIN' ANNI said...

....makes me hungry just looking at the salad. I too love tomatoes.

LOOTERS is my Tuesday blog. I do hope you can find time to drop by if given a chance. Have a great day.

Magical Mystical Teacher said...

olives, tomatoes,
perhaps some crumbled feta—
ambrosial delight

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