Nov 21, 2011

BFF: Do you have one?

Best Friends. The people who you haven't seen for months, but nothing has changed at all.

I thought I had but then, well, circumstances changed it. I lost the two I thought would be my best friends forever.

I am happy I have other friends whom I can consider to be my friends for life. We may not be as bonded as I was with my two old ex-friends but I still appreciate the fact that they have been with me for almost two decades now and have remained the same even though there were periods of time we haven't been in touch.

I remain really close to three female friends: Tim, Shen and Jing. They are my friends I am hoping to keep for life.

I do wish I still have constant communication with May but I think being a wife and mother tend to make you change your priorities in life. Plus distance can sometimes make it hard for friends to see each other regularly. That's the thing with May and I. We used to work in Ortigas in different companies but we see each other almost daily after office hours. Nowadays, with May taking care of her husband and kid plus with me working at home, we hardly see each other. We send each other text messages from time to time but it's not the same as when we were in the same area each and every day.

I had so many friends who came and went. I am thankful for all of them as I learned from all of them one way or the other. I am also thankful I still have a handful that I can call real friends.



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