Oct 26, 2011

Mr. Bean's Ability

Ability is when you can make three generations of people laugh their socks off without uttering a single word.

And that ability rests on Rowan Atkinson... also known as Mr. Bean to his legions of fans. Can you imagine how effective his comedy is? My dad who is in his 50's, my little girl who is 6 years old, and every one at home in between would laugh like there's no tomorrow whenever we watch an episode of Mr. Bean! That's how funny he is!

I like that Mr. Atkinson protects his family by separating his personal life from his career. He doesn't grant interviews about his family and as much as he can, he actually avoids interviews of any kind.

Way to go, Mr. Bean! Keep on making us laugh!


jing said...

His movie Johnny English Reborn sis is also hilarious! :) Must watch if you want to laugh and laugh and laugh and laugh :p

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