Aug 21, 2011

MYM: Missing Chocolate de Batirol


I really miss Baguio City. It's been more than a year that we haven't gone back there. It is my family's adopted hometown. We just love the feel of being in the province but with the perks of the city life! ;)

Whenever we go there, it is a must for us to stop by Chocolate de Batirol. It is a quaint little cafe offering one of the best hot choco drink you'll ever taste!

That's a crew of the cafe mixing their famous hot choco in front of us.

Four mugs of steaming hot choco for me and my sisters!

And, of course, hot choco will never be complete without a yummy bibingka!

Oh how I miss Baguio and the Batirol hot choco!

Have a wonderful week everyone!



Liz said...


Have a fabulous week.

Liz @ MLC

Mika said...

Chocolate de Batirol! The last time I was there e ikaw at si Tim ang kasama ko at comedy pa tayo dahil nanghingi si Tim ng asukal para sa kape niya haha.
I miss Baguio! That is my 2nd home too...I miss staying at my uncle's place kasi mafi-feel mo talaga ang countryside living pero when you look from my bedroom window--kita ko sa hilltop ang SM Baguio. Baguio is my great and sweet escape! :)

Dhemz said...

oh,mama mia...nakakatulo nang laway...salap!

thanks for dropping by!

Shanna said...

I love the quote on your blog from Sister Hinkley. It's sums up my new outlook on life so well. I like the way you slipped in the yellow shirt for mellow yellow Monday. I'm really going to have to a pay attention to my surroundings to find yellow:-) Thanks for stopping by my blog.

Eden said...

I miss so much the chocolate de batirol and bibingka.

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