Jun 20, 2011

Tried and tested friends

There was a period in my life, when I was younger and unwise, that I 'collect' friends like I collect my books. I chose them based on their 'blurb' or sometimes on their 'cover' and then I spent more time with them than with my real friends. Whoever was my 'friend(s) of the moment' was(were) given almost all the extra time I had.

But I am happy to say that I already learned my lesson. I've learned so well that I am now wiser... I am sticking with friends who've been with me through thick and thin! Good friends from high school. Very few from college (and that includes my very great friend May). A handful of friends I met through blogging (Mousey and tita Liza most especially!). And two former co-workers.

I think I'm old enough to know that not every one I meet in this life are for keeps. There are some who will just 'pass by' to teach us a lesson or two. The ones who managed to touch my life one way or the other will forever hold a special place in my heart. Even those who've hurt me. I still thank them from the bottom of my heart because they taught me to value my real friends more. They taught me to stick with friends who value me the same way I value them. They taught me that in life, not all your friends who are laughing with you will be there crying with you when you are down on luck. Most will surely be laughing at you because they think you deserve it! Trust me, I've been there.

It's not yet too late to evaluate the friends you've 'collected' along the way. I am not saying you should chuck out all the ones you think are not for keeps. Just learn to value the ones who've been with you when you are at rock bottom. Chances are, they will be the ones who will be crying at your bedside and praying for you when you are at death's door.


Mikaella said...


I agree, even if you have a million friends, in the end only few are there for you especially when you are down. I'm glad I have you! I love you sis!

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