Apr 26, 2011

Family albums

When Mommy was still alive, she was diligent in updating our photo albums. We have one each and one for her and Daddy. From when we were babies to little kids to teens, every special moment was photographed and filed in our albums.

But when Mommy got sick, photographs went un-filed and missing. There was no one in the family as diligent as her in documenting the progress of each member of the family through photos.

So now that we're looking for photos, we were reminded that we lost a lot of photos because Mommy's no longer here to organize and file them. I told my youngest sister to take charge and start filing all loose photos that we have in boxes in the second floor of the house. We will also scan old photos and have them reprinted and filed in new photo albums. It will be her project before the new school term begins.

It's in times like these that I miss Mommy the most!



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